The Theory of Everything

I saw this movie today. Spoiler alert: As much as I would like you to read my post, don’t if you haven’t seen the movie or plan to.

I was aware of the basic story before I saw the movie and knew about this amazingly intelligent man and the disease he was inflicted with. It wasn’t a surprise to me. However, I was not expecting to be so moved by the character. In the past I saw several movies with a character who was disabled, but this man reminded me so much of my son, it affected me more than I would have expected.

He looked like Jason. His characterizations of a man severely disabled was perfected so effectively. His acting was extraordinarily precise in movement of his body and facial expressions. His face lit up when he smiled, similar to my Jason. He was so brave and did not show his discomfort or shame of his appearance, also like my Jason. He had a wonderful personality and playful at times. Yes… This was Jason also.

The only differences I could clearly point out was he had the opportunity to learn before the disease took over his body. He had a very high intelligence capable of receiving a doctorate degree in physics and achieved notoriety in his field.

Jason’s brain was damaged one week after birth which left him trapped in a body that was not functioning. He was unable to be educated, therefore, there was no way to test his level of intelligence.

I have to wonder if the character in this movie was well known because of his high intelligence in his field of study or because he was inflicted with a crippling disease who had a very high degree of intelligence. This is a very important point, people tend to relate emotionally to a disabled human being first.

Just a thought…..


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