Loving My True Self


Now that I am reaching my “golden years” it occurs to me I no longer need to look over my shoulder and wonder who is talking bad about me, not accepting my choice of clothes or how or what color I choose for my hair. I truly believe when one reaches a certain age, why should they care what people think. I give myself permission to say and do what I want and be proud, content and just plain don’t give a dam.

I recently decided to let my hair grow, not color it and see what it looks like. When I look in the mirror, I see a little grey coming through, almost like it is a highlight. It looks like a silvery grey. My Aunt Ruth decided to let her hair turn grey and she had the most beautiful silver hair. Maybe I will have hair like hers.

The point I am really making here is for the first time in my life I am finding my true self. What makes me happy, not how I look to other people. If I want to have long silvery colored hair, so be it. If I want to dress like a sophisticated form of a 60s hippie with long, flowing silver hair, long tunics with leggings or tights, headbands, neck scarves and large belts, I am going to and be proud. It is my decision. It will be my style which relates to myself and personality that is slowly emerging hidden for many years in my inner soul.

Watch out world…. here she comes!!!


Virtual Hugs and Peace to you all

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