Working toward goals


I am beginning to learn so much about what makes me tick. I got married very young with not having personal achievement goals other than being a devoted wife and mother. Little did I know at that time what I had in store for me. I didn’t blink when I learned I was a mother of a special needs child. He was my child and I did what I needed to do to make his life comfortable.

Before my twins were born my goal was to be a good medical secretary and perform the skills I learned to the best of my ability. When I returned to the business field eight years after being a stay at home mother, my new goal was to be the best administrative assistant/ accounting technician as I can be utilizing my skills from experience and adapting to a new setting with the Federal Bureau of Prisons. I worked with this agency for twenty-two years until my retirement.

After retirement I realized I spent my life working with goals and I no longer had goals to guide me. I needed goals in my life. I needed another purpose.

I found it completely with my instincts. I let my instincts guide me toward new goals. I decided I needed to share what I learned from my son and use it to inspire people. I began by writing his life story. It is now going to be published in a few months.

Okay, that was done. Now what do I do. I need goals!! My instincts guided me to my passions with crafts. I was a scrap booker and created many books filled with my family pictures. This soon bored me and I found mixed media art. I started creating paintings and realized I could turn these paintings into inspirational designs by adding meaningful quotes.

I still need goals in my life. I cannot stop working toward what makes me the person I am. I will be taking a public speaking workshop in February. I want to take my book out to the public and speak directly to young parents with special needs children , not as a professional, but a mom who has been through the obstacles they are now dealing with.

We all need goals to work toward. Without goals one cannot be the person you want to be. If you do not know what you want, listen to your inner soul and let your instincts guide you.

Best wishes and virtual hugs,

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