Three most beautiful words

Today I am with my grandchildren. Dylan will be six and Lindsey just turned three. I turned the television off and we were interacting. This is something I didn’t do with my children because I was so involved with Jason’s care, I didn’t have the patience during the time they were babies. Jason took all my time. I am sorry Michael, truly sorry!

I was reading to both of them and then Dylan and I were playing word games on the Ipad. I must say he is recognizing many words and he was doing great with the game. Lindsey wanted to play as well so we sat her at the computer and she was watching Disney Jr. Dylan sat with her after awhile and helped her maneuver the mouse.

I got up to start lunch and as I was walking toward the kitchen, Dylan stops me and said “I love you Bubbie”.

They were the most beautiful words I could ever here.

When my boys were young Michael was very reserved and didn’t express his feelings. However, I knew he loved me. Jason could not speak. He never called me mom or say I love you. I would look into his eyes and know what he could not say. However, I always wanted to hear him say Mom.

Virtual hugs my friends

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