Happy New Year

I would like to wish all my WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn friends and family a very happy 2015.

Twenty fourteen was a very busy year finalizing my book, building my art business, making new friends and reacquainting with old friends. It was an exciting year. I watched my grandchildren prosper and enjoyed my time with them enormously.

We all lost some dear friends and many well known celebrities who made us laugh, cry, and honor. I hope they all rest in peace.

My wish to all of you to look forward to 2015 with positive thoughts, achieve your goals and wake up each morning with the thought it will be a wonderful day. If you believe it, it will be.

For me, I am looking for many changes in my life in 2015. You all will get to meet my son Jason in my book which will be available early 2015. I am designing crocheted and knitted creations and can’t wait for you to see them. I am taking Life Book 2015 to continue my art training.

I am so excited to be working alongside Tate Publishers in the marketing phase of my book and cannot wait to do book signings, book discussions, book workshops and book fairs. I want to bring back the advocacy skills I learned many years ago and use them to help other young parents of special needs children.

These are all my goals for 2015. Do you have goals as well?

Virtual hugs from me to you…

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