A Holiday Gift to You

If you are following me regularly you will know I wrote a book about my son.  Today I sent in the final proof and gave them my approval to move the book through to the next phase.  Whew….I just made my personal goal.  I set a goal for this book to go to the printers by the anniversary of Jason’s passing.  It will be eight years on December 22.  We just made it!!!

I didn’t receive final confirmation but I believe the book will be heading to the printers, and the marketing department will contact me to help me start advertising my book.

I am so excited that I decided to give you all a holiday gift and share with you a funny story from my book.  It is my gift to you and a teaser as well.

The setting for this story is in my kitchen during lunch.  You need to picture this.  We had a small kitchen and I had twins, both in highchairs.  Michael was seated to the left of me and Jason to my right.  There wasn’t much moving space but I managed to squeeze myself in front of them, between the two highchairs.

Michael was holding his own cup at this time and I needed to assist Jason by holding a bottle for him.  I held Jason’s bottle in my right hand and fed Michael his food with my left hand. I am right handed and it wasn’t an easy chore.

It is time to feed Jason.  I am feeding them both now simultaneously.  Jason starts coughing because food particles are difficult for him to swallow, even when then are pureed.  He coughs and spits out his food all over me.  Michael watches this and thinks it is a game and starts to spit his food out on me as well.  After Jason recovers from his coughing spasm, he starts laughing because Mommy has food all over her and Michael begins to laugh as well.  It was their daily lunch time game….spitting food at Mommy.

I have other funny stories in the book.  This book is not all sad.  It has a variety of emotions which makes it a great read.  I cannot wait until the world meets Jason.

Next week I plan to post a special tribute to Jason in this blog.  I no longer mourn him, I am now celebrating his life.

Talk to you next week.  Virtual HUGS from me to you.


2 thoughts on “A Holiday Gift to You

  1. Belinda – I believe it would be a waste of my time to mourn him anymore. I am a positive person and my book, along with my business, is a tribute to him and his wonderful life. God gave me a gift and I believe it is my duty to return his gift and spread the word for compassion, disability awareness and peace on earth.


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