Memories of my Life with Jason

I use to love this time of year, preparing Thanksgiving dinner, planning and making lists for gifts for Hanukkah and Christmas, and our Hanukkah Party and New Years Eve celebrations. The malls all decorated with their lights and Christmas trees with Santa awaiting the next young child to sit on his lap. Years ago I loved to travel to downtown Philadelphia to watch the light show at Wanamaker’s Department Store and walk through the Christmas Toy Land in Lit Brothers Department store with my parents and sister; later on with my children.

Now they are all memories because Thanksgiving is not the same with many of my loving family members no longer with me. New Years Eve is not the same, I am lucky if I can keep my eyes open pass 10 pm. Both Wanamaker’s and Lit Brothers Department stores no longer exist but the store that now resides in the old Wanamaker building, still continues the tradition of the light show, and I am so grateful for the new generation to enjoy it.

For me, life tragically took away the brightness from this time of year because my mother and son both passed away in November and December. I try and participate in the holiday festivities with my son and grandchildren but it just is not the same. It will never be the same. However, I will always have my memories and this is a good thing.

In November of 2006 my son was admitted to the hospital for the last time. At this time, eight years ago, I was sitting by my son’s side, in the Intensive Care Unit, holding his hand. He developed aspirating double pneumonia and he was a very sick man. He knew I was with him and was comforted by my presence.

I would like to pay tribute to him now, through to the 22nd of December, to honor his memory and legacy of his life. I will share pictures of him from his earlier days, forward. This will end with a special tribute on December 22nd, the anniversary of his death.

I honor his life daily with my mixed media art business and this blog. I will soon launch a new store and a Facebook Store selling fiber creations, also inspired by what I learned from him. You will soon read about his story in my book which will be out sometime next year. His life needs to be honored in some way because he taught me so much about life, to see and feel the beauty in our world and within everyone souls. I want to share my inspiration with everyone which will create a legacy for him.

Jason's Portrait Eight Months Old
Jason’s Portrait
Eight Months Old 1980

I Believe/You Will Never Walk Alone – Barbara Streisand

Enjoy your weekend and shopping. I send virtual HUGS to all my friends and family.


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