Make Love, Not War…..

Louis Armstrong A Wonderful World
Louis Armstrong
A Wonderful World


I am compelled to write this post because of all the hatred in our world today.  I watch the news daily seeing all the murders in our cities and world, riots, terrorist attacks, racism and political drama.  I am sick of it.

I grew up in the 1960’s and experienced war for the first time.  I watched the men go off to war not knowing if they would return.  I watched the rioting in our streets on television related to racism and the Vietnam conflict. I, like most of us, was drawn to tears with the assassinations of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King. I myself experienced rioting at a nearby school in 1969.  I was escorted by the police, along with my fellow classmates, to the buses outside our school so that we can safely return home.  I didn’t quite understand it back then, being so young and inexperienced as well.

Today I am older and wiser, but I still don’t  get it, or better yet, I don’t want to get it.  I am embarrassed from the political bickering in Congress and the Senate.  I want to be the young child again back in the 1960’s asking for “Make love, not war.”

I am going to remind you through pictures that we have a beautiful world and we should cherish it.  The words from Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” says it all and we should never forget it.

I want the powers to be throughout our country and world to stop their childish bickering.  After I am no longer living in my troubled world, I hope my grandchildren and their children will experience the beauty of life and be safe without war, racism and politically child-like bickering.

This is my wish as we begin the 2014 holiday season and celebrate a new year with 2015.

images (2)

images (4)

images (5)

images (1)Statue_of_Liberty

Happy Thanksgiving my friends. I send you all virtual HUGS for peace, prosperity, and love…


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