A Dog is a Best Friend Forever!!

This fall season I attempted to sell my paintings at local craft shows. I soon realized, after sitting several hours without any sales, craft shows are not the best venue for my art. Oh well, it is a learning experience. I received many comments such as, “how beautiful”, “I love your quotes” and “you are very talented.” I did not see it as a waste of time, however. I loved showing my work, meeting new people, sharing stories and networking with other talented craft artists.

I brought several art supplies with me to keep me busy. I worked in my visual journal. Many customers stopped at my table to watch me paint, and I loved when the children asked me questions about what I was doing. Below is a page from my visual journal I created last weekend at a craft show. Please enjoy the music selection as well.

Best Friends
Best Friends

You Stepped Into My Life – The Bee Gees

The quote is so meaningful to me. My dog Ali came into my life one year before Jason passed away. She somehow knew I was sad. Sitting at night was the worse time for me. She sat next to me on the sofa with her head on my leg to comfort me while I tried keeping my mind occupied watching television. She is my BFF. She is the only one in my life who gives me unconditional love.

For next year’s craft season starting in the fall, I will sell my knitting and crochet creations at craft fairs. I already started several projects and will continue to create throughout the winter, spring and summer so that I will have a large inventory built.

I live in Bucks County which is north of Philadelphia. There are several quaint towns nearby that cater to artists. During the spring and summer months they offer outside art fairs. I am going to buy a tent and set up my inspirational mixed media paintings at these venues. I hope this will prove to be profitable and hopefully help me give my creations the attention they deserve.

I wish you all a great day and be well please!!

Hugs to you all

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