What Veterans Day Means To Me

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What does this day mean to me….

A day to mourn our young men and women who sacrificed their lives to help keep our shores safe from harm.

To thank our military who are currently serving to maintain our freedom.

To remember my father, father-in-law and uncles who served in World War II.

To thank my Uncle for his service in the Korean War.

To remember and be so grateful for all the men who served in Vietnam. I saw many young soldiers at USO gatherings the day before they left for war. I will never know if they returned.

To mourn the death of my loving brother-in-law who gave the ultimate sacrifice, 51 years after returning from Vietnam. He was not respected as a returning war veteran as he so deserved sacrificing his life for our country. It was determined after long suffering and ultimate death, he was exposed to agent orange and therefore was not treated appropriately. All the compensation will not bring him back to us.

It is a day to fix what is wrong in our country. It is my wish the new head of Veterans Affairs make the necessary changes in the agency to properly care for our returning veterans and there families and treat them with the dignity they so highly deserve.

This is what I am thinking about on this Veterans Day. May all our lost veterans rest in peace.

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