Happy Halloween

Enjoy the holiday. Be safe out there and watch the little children crossing the street. I hope all children have adults with them.

Life today is not like it was when I grew up. I went out with my friends and stayed out until 10pm with no fear. We all gathered to find out which house was giving out the best goodies.

My son Michael loved Halloween. However, Jason hated it. He would allow me to put on his costume and place him in his wheelchair but it was very clear he tolerated my excitement. It was all too frightening for him and would rather be back in his familiar house. He was scared of all the commotion around him and the darkness.

Some of our neighbors were so compassionate to his needs and would give him a treat he could eat or a toy.

Here is a picture of both boys in their costumes. Jason was happy but Michael hated the Jack in the Box his Daddy so kindly made for him.


A gift from me to you…happy Halloween friends…Hugs Jude

5 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. I live in a wonderful community and everyone was extremely accommodating when I took Hannah out. Sometimes she couldn’t go because of the weather but she didn’t know the difference. When she did go out, she had so much fun with the neighborhood folks and other kids wanting to help her. It was very nice to see.

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