The story of my life is an appropriate song for this blog post and the painting about friends. Ever since I was a young girl I wanted to have friends. However, I was shy and was only comfortable with one friend at a time. When another girl began to compete with our friendship, I always gave up and walked away. That is basically the story of my life.

I wanted to be the girl with a lot of friends but did not know how. I met a young girl back in grade school who, for some reason, clung onto me and never let go. We still see each other periodically and she will never cease to tell me how much she misses me and loves me. I feel the same way. We are totally different in personalities but we are life long friends.

After graduating from high school and I began to attend USO dances during the Vietnam War, I met two life long friends who are very dear to me. Even during a long period of my life when I had no contact with anyone because of my son, they never left me. We reconnected again and I cherish their friendship very much.

During the years taking care of my son I met a very dear friend who also had a special needs child. We needed each other’s friendship through the years for support and socialization. We are still very close and she will always be very important in my life.

Because of Facebook my life changed dramatically. I now have many friends who I communicate with on a regular basis. Many of them are from my high school days when I thought nobody cared. I now know that wasn’t so. I reconnected and I am surrounded by wonderful, compassionate men and woman who care about me and my welfare. I learned a very important lesson and it took 60 some years to realize it. Oh well…I hope to have many more years to enjoy them. LOL


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