Two New Paintings Completed

I am busy this fall showing at local craft shows. I have three this month, two in November and two in December so far. In addition to the above I received the proof of my book which needs to be proofread again before it is finalized. With that being said I also visit the gym three days a week and babysit my grandchildren on Tuesday for 14 hours. Wooo….I am tired just thinking about it. Don’t let me fool you…I love every minute I spend with all my activities, especially my grandchildren.

Below are two completed paintings. I tried a new technique using tracing paper. I trace either a found image or an image from my sketch book and trace them. I collage the tracing paper with the image on the painting. What is cool about this technique is the tracing paper is so thin that when it is placed on the painting you can see the mixed media background through it. I really like how it turned out and definitely will be using this technique again.

I do not like my handwriting and I am always looking for a way to print my quotes without typing them. By using the tracing paper I can trace over the letters and it appears like I printed it. It also allows me to overlap images that really gives it a cool look.

Disability Awareness
Disability Awareness
Disability Awareness
Disability Awareness

Cool isn’t it?

I am hoping this fall will be a positive experience for me. I really want to spread the word about my inspiration paintings and the positive effects they can make in my community. Disability awareness is my priority along with equality and peace. Of course it would be nice to sell a painting or two. My inner critic needs to “shut up” and only one sale will do the job. 🙂

Have a great day

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