Reality Shows

I am not sure if I should actually admit this to the world but what the heck, I love variety shows on television.  I am selective in the shows I like for a variety of reasons for which I will explain.


I love this show for many reasons.  Ever since I can remember I loved watching singing competitions.  I cannot sing my self but I enjoy watching talented people sing.  The reason I think this show is the best because you actually see true talent, as compared to X-factor, Americas Got Talent and American Idol where you are forced to watch true idiots who think they have talent.  This show is also unique because they do not judge you by your looks, only by your voice.  How cool is this.  No discrimination here.


Master Chef/Food Network Star

I watch these shows because I learn new cooking skills.  My husband thinks I am a great cook. 🙂



I enjoy Extreme Weight Loss more than The Biggest Loser.  The current season of the Biggest Loser is interesting because all of the contestants are former athletes.  Extreme Weight Loss is an excellent show because you  immediately see the results with each episode.


Where else can one learn about our world’s culture than the Amazing Race.  The competition between the teams can get a little too much for me but I overlook the competitiveness and silly arguments in order to see amazing scenery and the different cultures on each episode.

Yes…I admit it.  I am a TV junkie.  I certainly do not have time to watch every episode when they are aired but I have Comcast cable and can DVR several shows at one time.  I usually watch TV while eating breakfast, lunch and after dinner between 8 and 10.  The best thing about DVR is I can fast forward the commercials which allows me the time to watch two shows.

The best part of  watching the above noted variety shows is the inspiration I get from each episode.  I am so inspired to watch the contestants compete.  I will use The Voice for an example.  Here you have a struggling singer who has amazing talent and is looking for the one opportunity to make it in the industry.  To be selected on a team and be coached by well known artists, you cannot ask for anything better than that.  It totally inspires me to believe in myself.   To believe you want something so desperately and work toward the ultimate goal and achieve it; this is what I call INSPIRATION!!

Take care dear friends

Hugs from Jude












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