Bullying: My story (*Warning!* Contains triggers!)

Patty is a very special person to share her story of bulling. I commend her for her bravery. A story like this needs to be told so we as bloggers can spread the word that bulling will not be accepted in our schools.


Someone brought to my attention that October is the month to stand up against bullying.


It’s bullying awareness and prevention month.


The story I am about to share with you is my own and although it is a while ago, I still find it hard to talk about this.

*I apologize to my family members who might read this and never knew about this. I am sorry I kept my mouth shut all this time.*

But I write this for the people who still believe that bullying is harmless. Just a bit of name calling, a little push here and there. Nothing to worry about right? Wrong…

Some people believe that bullying is something that kids bring upon themselves. That it’s a matter of how you look, that you are maybe not strong enough, that you don’t fight back, that you are too weak to fight back. Wrong again…

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