Reinventing My Life

Four years ago I retired after twenty-two years working for the federal government. I found myself free of everyday commitments and thought now what am I going to do with the rest of my life.

I was still mourning the death of my son. I was angry, depressed and bored. My daily life was so full 24/7 for many years. My son Michael got married and my son Jason passed away. I wasn’t needed anymore.

I let my instincts and unconscious thoughts take over my mind to see where it would lead me. It lead me to writing my son’s memoir and creating an art business. If I had insight into the future years ago and saw myself in this life, I would have said no way.

However, I reinvented my life. I started painting inspirational mixed media designs. I am booked to sell my paintings in five local craft shows through to the end of November, two of which are juried shows.

I joined the local craft guild and a professional women association for networking. I will be marketing my book next year participating in book signings and book discussions.

I reinvented my life and I am proud to say I am a professional business woman. Who would have thought?

It just proves hard work and believing in yourself is all you need to make a life you can be proud of. It is never too late. I just turned 64.

Hugs to all my friends

One thought on “Reinventing My Life

  1. So true, Jude. We all need to reinvent ourselves at each stage of our lives. Too many people just stop living after they retire and it’s so sad because there’s so much more life to live. Very inspiring post 🙂


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