September 5, 1971…

Forty-three years ago on this date I married my husband. As we were standing in front of our Rabbi and he was speaking the traditional words “for better or worse till death do you part”, little did we know how true those words would be in our life together.

I was only 21 and my husband was 22. We were young, innocent, naive and truly believed our life would be like what was portrayed on TV in the 1950s, Leave it to Beaver and Make Room for Daddy. The good and wholesome American family, a perfect family.

Is there such a thing as a perfect family? Probably not.

Fast forward to September 5, 2014 and we are celebrating 43 years of marriage. One would wonder how we managed to make it through the storms of our marriage in one piece. It wasn’t easy. We went through hell and back and we are still together. We were hit with so many tornados through the years it is a miracle we survived.

We believe in the sanctuary of marriage. We were raised with strong values and beliefs. We never thought breaking up our union would solve anything. Our problems were not with each other it was what life presented us with each storm.

When I first started this blog last September I was very angry. I accused my husband of abusing me. We both started therapy and with each of our sessions we began to understand we both were full of real anger, not at each other but what life presented to us. We were taught how to communicate again, release our inner anger and learn how to respect each other. Our relationship was lost in all the years of turmoil.

We are at a better place now. We still deal with a few hiccups now and then but we remember what our therapists taught us and work out the problem together.

Not all marriages are worth saving, especially if there is real violence involved. Never stay if you feel threatened. However, if you believe you are having a problem, seek help from a therapist. You may find the light at the end of the tunnel like we did.

Happy anniversary dear!!!

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