What really pisses me off big time

It is time for me to vent. I had an experience this weekend that brought back memories I would rather forget. They are memories of a person in my life who did not want to meet my son, was afraid of him and simply thought she would catch what he had as if it was contagious. These are memories I would prefer to keep deeply hidden in my soul but this weekend’s experience brought them back out.

I know someone who I love very much who lives her life daily with challenges she must deal with that she has no control of. She lives in our world where she fits in quite comfortably but at times must deal with the harsh realities of life that is quite challenging for her.

When you first meet this very loving woman you will see there is something different about her. She is not part of the “norm” of our world. She is slightly different. She lived her entire life trying to fit into our normal society which dealt her many challenges. I watched her overcome many of them but unfortunately some were unsuccessful. However, she picked herself up and continued on with her life.

I love her with all my heart and soul. I see her faults and do not demean her for them. What pisses me off is there are people who do not respect her for who she is. They do not open their soul to see the beauty within her but only see her outer shell which can be difficult to accept at times. She cannot help what she says, does or portrays; this is the part of her you need to support not crucify. She needs compassionate people around her not hateful and opinionated people who do not know any better.

Okay, I now feel better. I vented my feelings. I very deeply ask my friends to please accept all individuals regardless of their flaws, their slight imperfections and love their inner souls and try and be compassionate for their outer shells.


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