Teaching Disability Ethics

It has recently come to my attention I need to promote disability ethics training in this blog. The other day I read a Facebook post from a mother of a cerebral palsy child who experienced an act of appalling behavior at a public park that left her devastated.

She was at the park with her child who has mild cerebral palsy and wears an eye patch. Her child was playing quietly with another young child when her grandfather approached and took the child away and said loudly “you cannot play with that freak.”

The mother was stunned and immediately embraced her young child to comfort her since she most likely heard what he said.

When my son was a child I always took him and his brother to the local mall and many other outdoor activities where there were crowds of people. Most of the time the children would look at Jason out of curiosity and occasionally ask me questions like why is he in a wheelchair or what is wrong with him? I would always welcome there questions. However, there parents would gawk at him and guide their children away like Jason had something contagious. Many times I watched as adults would walk pass and turn their heads in a disgusted manner.

We live in a world today full of hate, discrimination and bigotry that has been passed down from one generation to another. When is it going to end? What do we have to do to educate the children of today to stop the generational discrimination attitude sharing? It has to stop now!

I plead with our younger generation to please see what this behavior is doing in our society. Make choices for yourself based solely on your own beliefs and look deeply in your sole for the right guidance. Ask questions, research the internet and read literature. You must remember we are all equal in God’s eyes regardless of race, religion, disability or gender. We are all human beings first .

Thank you!!
Hugs from

This is my beautiful son. He loved everyone who showed him love and compassion in return.

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