A Letter to my Past Self/From my Present Self

Several years ago I designed a scrap book page where I wrote a letter to my past self. At that time I was taking an online class on journaling with deep thoughts and meaning. I was rather proud of myself with the page and received many positive feed backs from it.

I decided to recreate this letter today on my blog. I hope you like it.

Dear Jude,

Oh how cute you were as a one year old full of innocence and no worries other than when will you be fed, changed or held. You have an interesting life to live that will include challenges, love, hope and ambition. Enjoy your innocence and your cuddles from your mom and dad who love you very much. You also have an older sister who will be a special friend one day.


You are beginning your difficult years as a teenager with raging hormones. Yes you are falling behind in your schooling but don’t you worry, you will be okay. Don’t you mind those boys teasing you. Remember what mom says you about the boys; they only tease you because they like you. You listen to your mom because her words of wisdom will help you in the future. Please be more outgoing and assertive with your friends. You are way to shy and you will lose many friends because of your attitude. Don’t let them walk over you. Don’t walk away from a good friend because of someone attempting to compete with you.


Wow you are about to graduate high school and attend a technical school. You did it and you should be proud but I know you are not. You are still dealing with your shyness. I warned you about this earlier. Because of your lack of assertiveness you are very lonely. You need more confidence. Listen to mom. You are pretty and don’t you forget it.


So you finally gave in and let mom guide you. She pushed you out of the house after your graduation to take the train to downtown Philly. You joined the USO. This changed you in many ways. You learned how to communicate with men and experienced life for the first time as a young woman. You danced and talked with young men who were going to war and I know this was very rewarding and extremely difficult not knowing if they will return. You will meet life long friends who will be very supportive to you in the future.

Congratulations you met the man you will spend the rest of your life with. You will have very challenging years ahead and your life together will not be easy. You both hang in there because what you will go through can challenge your marriage if you two allow it.


Wow! After three years of infertility treatments you gave birth to twin boys. Yes they were born two months earlier than expected. Yes they are sick boys. I am not going to tell you everything will be all right, it isn’t. You have many challenges ahead. It will not be easy. This is when your marriage will be shaky and you need to hold on tight. Your life as parents will be challenged . It is only the beginning of a long road.


You have two beautiful boys each with their individual personalities. Michael will be fine and will make it through. You will be very proud of all his accomplishments. However, Jason is going to be dependent for the remainder of his life. He will have many medical issues. Your decision to place him in a special home was the right decision for him. Trust me on this.


You lived through difficult years with Jason. He endured several challenging surgical procedures. You devoted many years taking care of him and advocating for his needs. You did a great job. He loves you. You should be prepared to say goodbye to your special child because god is planning on taking him really soon. You will be strong .


You made it through all your trials and tribulations. Jason is now with god and he is your guardian angel who guides you through your paths. You finally figured it all out. You were given Jason because you needed him in your life. He needed you as well. You learned the true meaning of life and now you are sharing what you learned with your book. Jason’s story will be just the beginning which can open up doors for your future. Learn from your life experience and keep on sharing it through your writing and art.

Have a great day my blog friends,
Hugs from Jude

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