Inspiration Thursday – Basic Human Rights

YouTube Video: Sarah Barielles BRAVE

Listen to the beautiful words and voice from Sarah Barielles.  You need to be brave to respect and understand these rights we all have but sometimes forget.  Watch the video.  I think it is very inspiring.

Today I decided to change up just a little. I normally would post an inspirational quote. Today, however, I have something special I would like to post related to an inspirational quote.

When my husband and I were in therapy my therapist gave me a list of “Basic Human Rights”. I found this list to be very helpful and encouraging to me. It helped me understand what my rights were as a woman, mother, wife and business person. I will share these right with you today.

These rights are not specific to any gender. It is the rights we all have and they are something we need to remember and respect for ourselves and for others.


1.  The right to have and express your own feelings and opinions

2.  The right to be treated with respect

3.  The right to feel and express anger

4.  The right to say “no”

5.  The right to set your own limits and priorities

6.  The right not to live up to other people’s expectations of you

7.  The right not to be “Superman,” “Superwoman,” “Superboss,” “Supermother,”, etc.

8.  The right to be treated with courtesy and respect

9.  The right to ask for what you want and have your needs be as important as the needs of other people

10.  The right to see what you pay for

11.  The right to ask for help

12.  The right to ask that others change their behaviors that violate your own rights and to have a preference about how others act.

13.  The right to make mistakes

14.  The right not to be brilliant, attractive, slim, and witty

15.  The right to privacy

16.  The right to forgive yourself

17.  The right to forgive others

18.  The right to change your mind

19.  The right to not feel responsible for others’ feelings and behaviors

20.  The right to choose not to assert yourself

 Source:  Judith A. Belmont, M.S. (2006) * 86 T.I.P.S. for the Therapeutic Toolbox *

8 thoughts on “Inspiration Thursday – Basic Human Rights

  1. Lovely, inspiring post and great list of rights. I wish I had been able to see the lyricists of the song, though. I have heard it many times but wasn’t listening as intently as this time !


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