Waiting on the World to Change

John Mayer YouTube video

I am waiting on the world to change.

I am tired of war, world conflicts and innocent people dying.

I am tired of world leaders with their narcissistic personalities just out to gain personal power.

I am tired of blood shed resulting from too many years of personal conflicts, discrimination, battle over the right of passage and the right of freedom of religion and beliefs.

I am tired of our so called leaders in Washington wasting their time battling over their personal discriminations when the rest of us are trying to make ends meet.

I am tired of turning on my local news informing me of killings in a neighborhood I grew up in and was forced out of because of my personal safety.

I am tired of our young beautiful children attending school and having to wonder when and where the next shooting rampage will take place.

I am tired of the lack of care or support for the mentally challenged individuals who are building their personal agendas to create violence because the powers to be are too busy fighting with each other.

I am tired of the lack of support for young parents today who are caring for special needs children without the proper support from our country because the powers in Washington are too busy fighting their own agendas.

I am just tired and I am waiting on the world to change.

Thank you John Mayer for your beautiful lyrics so expressed in the above video.

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