Life Book 2014 -Week 16 & 17

I took time away from preparing for a craft show next week to catch up on two weeks of classes from Life Book 2014. With my fingers and hands messy with gesso, acrylic paint and pan pastels I created these paintings.



Painting is my true passion. When I am creating my inspirational mixed media designs I get lost in my work. I can spend hours at my art table without a break. It certainly helps me to lose weight:-).

There will be a craft show at a nearby township the end of September. It is a two day event along with a Renaissance Fair. They are expecting a very large turn out. I called and requested information regarding logistics and so on. He asked to see a sample of my work and I sent it. That was three days ago and no response. It is killing me having to wait. He must know how important of an opportunity this could be for me.

Have a great weekend!
Hugs …..Jude

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