Friendship Developed Through Adversity

I would like to introduce you to my good friend Nancy. We met many years ago at a time when we did not know our lives would intertwine in a way that would drastically change both of our lives forever. We were new mothers with two beautiful children who were challenged.

Through the years it became evident our children were similar in both their physical and mental challenges and we clung onto each other for support. Our children attended the same early intervention programs, public school and when it became apparent we were unable to care for them at home, we both found suitable placements for live-in facilities who took over the day to day medical care we no longer could provide.

Because our social lives were nonexistent taking care of our children we would often visit on the weekends bringing food so our children could play and we could have the adult interactions we so desperately needed.

My son passed away first. This was a very dark time in my life and I stopped calling Nancy. At the time I didn’t know why. Nancy sent me a few very emotional emails asking me what happened to us? I didn’t know! I just knew it hurt too much to have contact with her. I would read the emails with tears running down my face but still unsure of my actions.

When her precious child passed away a few years later I immediately contacted her and supported her the way she did for me.

I began therapy to deal with feelings that were trying to come to the surface I refused their entrance. I developed an anxiety disorder, started meds and I finally freed my inner locked emotions.

My inner soul is no longer burdened with unreleased emotions. I am seeing the world in a different color. I am reacquainting with old friendships I lost through the years caring for my son. Finally I released the devil who stopped me from maintaining a friendship with Nancy.

I was hurting so much I found Nancy to be a connection to my son. I couldn’t bare being with her because she reminded me of everything I was trying to deny. After dealing with my inner soul in therapy I am now healed. I now see her as a good friend and we will remain good friends for as long as we remain in this world.

Love you Nancy!!


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