Inspirational Thursday Quotes by Jude

Special Needs Quote

I changed my Thursday blog post. Rather than posting what I am thankful for (I am running out of thankfulness
:-), I changed it to “Inspirational Thursday Quotes by Jude”.

I will be sharing my quotes from my very large stash I collected through the years.

I am very grateful to many bloggers who post about world events,inefficiencies in our government and current world news worthy events. I read many blogs about current news and find them very well written and informative. I will leave all this to you since you do it very well.

Inspiration is what I am about and this is what I will continue to do with each of my posts. I also talk about myself and my life which in itself is inspiring, especially my book which will be published soon.

I am thinking about adding another weekly post about healthy recipes I found and tried. If my husband and I both agree the recipe is a keeper, I am thinking about doing a weekly post and sharing the recipe with all of you. They are not my recipes. I am a good cook and can follow recipes only. I am not that good to create my own I would love to hear your opinions about a weekly healthy recipe share I find on the internet. The other night I made swordfish grilled with mango salsa to die for!!!

I wish you all a great day.

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