Sketching and Selling

I attended my first flea market/craft show yesterday offering my creations. It was at the neighboring township’s fire house. We were inside the building with both sides open. Yesterday was a beautiful day here in PA and the building had fans which created a comfortable setting. I set up my table with all my inventory.


Unfortunately I didn’t sell any of my paintings. Most of the buyers were looking for cheap items. I received many nice compliments, however. I did sell several magazines, a few craft kits and grab bags of art stamps. Many of these items I collected through the years and never used them.

The sale started at 8:30 and ended 1:30. I passed the time creating a page of doodling.


I made a small profit so it wasn’t a waste of time. Most importantly I enjoyed talking to the many people who stopped by my table and I gained experience watching other sellers approach buyers.

A great experience. I am looking forward to my next sale the end of July.

Best wishes,

2 thoughts on “Sketching and Selling

  1. Thank you so much for your most gracious award. I am honored. I will be responding on my blog in a few days. I am working on a deadline for my book and when I am done I will post it in my blog. Again thank you dear friend Hugs! Jude


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