Sunday Sketching

I would like to introduce you to two very different woman. Samantha is shy and a thinker. She tends to be an introvert but if you challenge her, she will respond. Say hello to…..


In contrast is Angel. She is from a different era, the 60s. It appears she is a typical “hippy”. I think I created her to be my alter ego. My personality was nothing like hers in the 60s. She is in the peace movement, sampling pot and taking part in sit ins, end the war rallies and rock and roll. You go girl!!

Meet Angel


My grandson and grand-daughter spent the afternoon with me. While they were playing I was sketching Samantha and Angel.

Occasionally they came over to me to watch me create my two personalities. Dylan approved their names and he told me he really liked Samantha. He thought she was pretty. Lindsey liked both of them and smiled when I asked for her opinion.

Their mom arrived to pick them up. They will be over on Tuesday and will be bringing their crayons and coloring book. Dylan wants to draw with me and Lindsey will try since she is only two. Just maybe I will show you their creations!

I hope you all had a good weekend!
Best wishes

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