A Mother and an Advocate

I wanted to reblog this message from January. I really laid my heart out in this message and it is worth showing it again. Thanks Jude


My Life for 28 Years My Life for 28 Years

The above quote was shared on Facebook and when I found it I knew it had to be part of my collection. This was my life for 28 years and my son’s. Every word here is so true in so many ways.

Raising twin boys, one with severe physical challenges, was not easy. When I look back to those days I realized I missed out on so much. I didn’t have the opportunity to walk my son to school every day and meet with the mother’s of the other children in my son’s class. I wasn’t able to chat and make arrangements to meet later on in the day for coffee. I didn’t make plans for play dates or talk about the latest happenings at the school. I could not volunteer for the Parent’s Association at my son’s school because I was too busy caring…

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