Yesterday and Today

Today I changed my picture on my Facebook Page from my Father’s Day tribute to an old picture of me holding my twin boys. Many of my FB friends and followers either “liked” the picture or commented they liked it.

I read the comments throughout the day and it suddenly occurred to me how old, tired, haggard and stressed I looked.

When I compare the picture of me today, I am astonished to see I actually look younger today then I did in 1985 when the picture of me and my boys were taken.

I spent the past couple of years in therapy getting help with accepting the death of my son and letting go of all the inner pain I was living with for so many years.

I was caring for Jason 24/7 for eight years. After Jason left home I started working full time and still being very active with Jason’s care, going to doctor appointments, sitting with him through many surgeries, dealing with many phone calls during work hours and sitting by his bedside for a month before he passed away.

I am healed from all of the stress I lived with. Interestingly I didn’t know I was under any stress. I was taking on a responsibility of a mother who loved her special needs son and devoted my life to his needs.

Take a look at yesterday and today’s pictures. What do you think?

Best wishes





This picture was taken last week at our grandson’s pre-school graduation. I am with my husband, grandchildren Dylan and Lindsey.

4 thoughts on “Yesterday and Today

    1. You are correct. I devoted 28 years caring and worrying about him. It shows in the yesterday pic and my boys were only eight. Writing his story really helped me clear my mind and soul in order for me to find my new career. I created an entire new career because of what he taught me all those years.


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