Take a walk with me……….

Today is a beautiful day. I am happy because I am changing both physically and mentally. You all know my history and the help I received from therapy. I am turning into the Jude I never knew existed. I am creating a new life after retirement that I love. My body is changing as well. I needed to work on my mental health first in order to allow myself to change physically.

I am very proud to say in the last three years I have lost 57 pounds. I go to a gym three times a week and work out in the pool with aqua aerobics. Because I have about 25 pounds left to reach my goal with Weight Watchers, I decided to start walking again. I use to walk a lot when I was living in the city. In fact, I walked in the Disney World Marathon, 1/2, 13.1 miles and finished it.

Just last winter our township finally built a bridge to connect the local park to our development. Our house is a half a block down from the entrance to the park, over the bridge they built for us. Today I walked two miles and I would like you to join me and experience what I saw during my walk. This message is being posted especially for two friends I met here on WordPress that may be unable to experience a beautiful walk through a park due to physical inability. This is for both of you: Belinda – http://www.busymindthinking.com and Shaun – http://shaunynews.Wordpress.com. I hope you enjoy the experience.

photo 1

I Believe I can Fly by James Ingram
This is the bridge our township built for us. I selected random music to play from my IPhone so I can be surprised. How pleased I was to hear this first song, I Believe I can Fly. It certainly inspired me to walk faster.

Honey Suckles Flowers
Honey Suckles Flowers

Do you see the honey suckle flowers? Can you smell the beautiful fragrance from these plants that line the path we are walking on. Use your imagination. I wish I could send the fragrance through the internet.


How thrilled I am to hear the next selection from one of my favorite singers, Santana. I am enjoying his music while looking at the creek with its shadows and pebbles. Isn’t it beautiful and so peaceful? Do you hear the rippling of the water and see the pebbles along the edge?
photo 5 (2)

Along the path we are walking on there are signs. If you can read it, it is informing us what type of reptiles we may see on this path. Don’t be concerned, I didn’t see any of them. However, I did not see a very large spider crawling in front of me as I walked. He was ignoring me, thank god, and hurrying across the path before I disturb it.

I am getting tired so let me turn around. By this time my face is getting red, sweat is dripping from my hair and neck and I am ready to go home and get a cold drink of water and catch my breath.

The picture below is half-way up a large incline, the end of which will be my street. I have to walk up this incline in order to reach the street and find my house. Are you tired yet? I am tired but I definitely enjoyed the walk, the peacefulness of nature and the opportunity to listen to great music and meditate.

photo 3

Shaun and Belinda…..I hope my descriptions, pictures and music supplied you the opportunity to mentally imagine our walk, as your virtual walk. I wanted to give this virtual walk to you. I read your blogs and feel your pain and I am hoping this brightens your day somewhat.

For all of my friends I hope you appreciated your virtual walk in nature. I loved it and will definitely make it part of my exercise routine from now on.

I wish you all a great day and a pleasant rest of your weekend.

HUGS …Jude

5 thoughts on “Take a walk with me……….

  1. Reblogged this on Busy Mind Thinking and commented:
    A gift from a friend… pictures of a walk. Have you met Jude? She’s a very strong and kind lady. She has known the loss of her son and yet reaches beyond the sorrow, to bring joy to others. I loved my walk with you! xoxo Thank you for thinking of me.


  2. I loved this. I on a good day can walk into the Woods behind my house and into the kids play park, but I suffer badly the next day. Where I live it is all woodland and waterfalls. I love where I live, perfect for the kids also. I can’t even drive to many parts as there are no roads.

    Thank you for this, really heatwarming. I am sorry I never got the notification or missed it.

    I am happy you can do more. Maybe one day I will be able to. I need a new left knee but even then the pain will still be there.

    Great read.. ❤


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