Today topic of discussion for Thankful Thursday is our little daughter. Yes….we have a little daughter and she just turned eight years old a few weeks ago. She is small but long, fluffy white hair, sometimes has bows in her ears, gets groomed every seven weeks and you guessed it….she is our beautiful Bichon dog Ali.
Ali our Dog

There are so many reasons why I am thankful for having this loving dog. She is so cute! She loves my immediate family, especially my two grandchildren. She licks them all over like they are lolly pops!

We adopted her from a breeder eight years ago and took her home when she was seven weeks old. She was the only girl out of five boys in the litter. When we met her for the first time we watched as all the puppies were getting fed by their mother and her brothers were pushing her out of the way. She was the runt of the litter and they took advantage of her. We immediately felt sorry for her. My husband picks her up and she washes his face with her tongue like she was begging him to take her home and away from her brothers. I think he fell in love; love at first sight as they say.

Ali our Dog

She was a feisty puppy chewing everything in sight. I think every window seal in our house has her teeth marks on them and my wooden furniture as well. We loved her so much, we didn’t care. She doesn’t like strangers and will let them know immediately that they are not welcome in our house. A few my friends who she doesn’t know experienced more than barking from her bad behavior. If they moved closer to me to give me a hug, she will nip their ankles. Of course we do not like this part of her personality and she gets scolded for her behavior of course, but this is who she is. Bichon’s are very protective of their environment and their owners and our Ali takes her job very seriously, unfortunately. We use a leash to control her so she will not get out of hand.

Ali our Dog

Most importantly…she this week’s “Thankful Thursday” subject because we adopted her in July 2006 and our son Jason passed away in December, 2006. I am not sure how I made it through the first few months without Ali. She sensed something was wrong and whenever I sat on the sofa, she would jump up cuddle up against me to give me comfort, like she is saying I know you are hurting Mommy and I will make you feel better.

This is why Ali is my subject for “Thankful Thursday”.

Have a great day
HUGS! to all

3 thoughts on “THANKFUL THURSDAY

  1. Jude, I had a most beautiful Bichon who had to be put down, aged 15, several years ago. He was my constant companion and the most lovable wee dog. I am sorry to read of your son 😦 When my first husband died suddenly my Bichon was incredibly devoted and just wanted to be near me all the time, not for himself but for me. I will never forget him!


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