Disability Awareness Series

I have been playing for the past five days in paint, gesso, matte medium and ink sprays. My fingers got the worse of it since I enjoy using them instead of a paint brush. This is why I do not get my nails done. Why bother!!!

I painted the following four designs for my Disabilty Awareness Series. I am learning so much with my year long class with Willowing Arts, Life Book 2014, the skills are starting to show in my paintings. I believe you never stop learning until the day you leave this earth.


Disability Awareness Series

This is the first face I created I actually love. She looks like my grand daughter with big cheeks and eyes. However, she has the eyelashes my son Jason had. You can see the painting is full of love for both of them.

Disability Awareness Series

This is the National Ribbon for Cerebral Palsy.

Cerebral Palsy Awareness Ribbon
Cerebral Palsy Awareness Ribbon

Disability Awareness Series

I am building my inventory because I will be selling for the first time at a local Craft Fair. Wish me luck!!

Thanks and God Bless

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