A Special “Thankful Thursday”

I finished my Life Book 2014 – Week 12 – class with Anna Dabrowska. I created a mixed media design based on the techniques she taught in this class. Here it is….

My Mom
My Mom

Because I made this painting with my mom’s picture I am making it part of my “Thankful Thursday” post.

I am so thankful for my mother who was my best friend and mentor. She always watched out for me. I was a very shy young girl and many times she encouraged me to get out of the house, go to parties and dances; even when I didn’t want to go. After high school in 1968 she literally forced me out of the door and take the train to downtown Philadelphia to attend a meeting with a USO troop. This was during the Vietnam War.

My mother met my father during World War II when he was a medic at a nearby hospital and she was in a USO troop. Because of her encouragement my life changed from that day. I met young soldiers who were leaving for war and they were so hungry for companionship and just someone to talk with. No, I didn’t meet my husband but I did meet great friends who have been in my life ever since. My mom saw in me, herself when she was a young girl. She knew I needed this and she was right.

My mother died in 1986 from leukemia. I watched her suffer. When she learned of her diagnosis and told me, she held me tight and cried saying she didn’t want to die. I didn’t want her to died either, especially how she suffered for three years.

In the year 2000 I trained with the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society to walk in the Disney World Marathon in tribute and memory of my mom. The six month training period and the $2,300 I raised for leukemia was nothing compared to the agony and suffering she endured. Every mile I walked I thought of her.

3 thoughts on “A Special “Thankful Thursday”

  1. This is a touching, sweet and heart wrenching post. I hate that your mom and you had to suffer (b/c you suffered emotionally, mentally ) as well. Thank you for sharing such a sweet post. Love your work.


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