The Story of My Life

Lesson 11 “B” from Life Book 2014 was an assignment to create a tree of life. I changed it up a bit and I call it, “The Story of my Life”. Hence, the great song from One Direction, The Story of My Life is part of this blog.

It is not what I create, it is what my creation portrays. I never will claim to be a great artist. I am totally self taught. I will continue to learn and practice to improve my skills. However, it is not what I am painting; it is way more than the acrylic paint, stencils, oil pastels, etc. It is what I am saying within the piece which is the most meaningful to me. Each design I create is an inspiration either with words, poems or quotes.

The Story of my Life
The Story of my Life

The left side of the tree represents who I was before my journey. The right side of the tree is who I became after my journey. Jason taught me so much and this tree represents “The Story of my Life” and how taking care of a special child changed me through the journey.

In case you cannot read the words, the left side states: No faith, tense, insecurity, panic, frustration, fear, doubt and self-doubt. The right side of the tree states: spirituality, honor, belief, creative, love, trust, love myself and respect.

I hope you are inspired by this painting. It is my gift to you from deep in my heart my dear friends.


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