Modern Families

Modern Families.

I just had to respond to this prompt. My grandparents, on my mother’s side, were immigrants who sought freedom from Lithuania around 1902 and arrived here in the USA. My grandparents were orthodox Jews and their native tongue was “Yiddish”.

Most importantly I am so grateful they found their freedom, otherwise I may not be writing this now. They were prudent to escape when they did. They most likely would have been murdered in the Holocaust.

If my grandfather was sitting at my table today he would have a very confused look on his face, not understanding our language. He would be sitting quietly, slowly tapping his fingers on the side of his chair and trying to understand all the changes that have taken place in the USA since his death back in 1972. He would also be astonished by the changes in our Jewish society now.

One thought on “Modern Families

  1. My father and his family escaped from Latvia in the 1940’s. It sure was a different way of life. I would imagine my relatives not quite getting American culture either. LOL


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