Today is the first day that I will be using “Why I am Thankful post. It is my way of producing a blog post that will be consistent on a weekly basis. It may not be the same day each week but I will try to make it weekly.

We all have something to be thankful for, I do! What are you thankful for? Don’t be shy…tell me!

I would like to begin this week’s “Thankful” post by saying I am thankful for WordPress.com. I have a good reason to be thankful. My first posts here started in September of 2013. As of today I have just under 100 followers. This is what I am thankful for. I am thankful for all of you I consider my friends. You choose to follow me because I have something to say, show, or express that you apparently like. I appreciate that you either choose to follow me or “Like” me because it makes me feel good. I like feeling good. I have a lot to feel good about.

A few years ago I did not know what a blog was. Yes….really!!! I searched Goggle, looked up blog and learned what is was. I wanted to be part of the blogging community. “Okay”, I said to myself. “How do I start a blog”. I started reading other people’s blogs and checked out their blog sites. I signed onto blog.com. I opened the site and thought “okay I now have a bog. What do I say? To whom am I talking to?”

After some deep thought and pondering back and forth, I decided to tell my son’s story on this blog. I started writing. I wrote about difficulties I had with infertility, having two miscarriages and then giving birth to twin boys two months early. I wrote with all the emotion I had stored in my soul. I had to wipe the dust off of these memories because they were stored so far down into my inner soul. I thought to myself, “this is good stuff. I should have thousands of followers in no time.”

Two months later, after opening up my soul with my wrenching story about my beautiful sick little babies, nobody was listening. I felt like I was talking to myself. I sent a link to my Facebook page and I received a few followers. However, these followers were my friends and they already knew my story. I wanted to reach people who need to hear my story. I wanted to reach young parents today who are going through what I did. I wanted to help them advocate, accept and learn to care for their special needs child.

This is when I researched publishers. Maybe a blog is not what I need. I sent three chapters to Tate Publishers and in two weeks they responded “We love your book and we want to publish it.”

That was three years ago. Today is May 1st, my book is complete and production starts as of today.

To sum up, I am thankful for blog.com, where no one listened which encouraged me to make the best decision of my life, writing a book. The only thing I regret, I did not find WordPress back then. I know for sure I would not be talking to myself here. However, maybe it was meant to be, I was guided to write a book, not a blog.

Thank you all for your friendship, followings and “likes”. I appreciate all of you. I follow many of your blogs and enjoy my quiet time in the evening reading through your posts. I AM THANKFUL FOR MY BLOG ON WORDPRESS.COM.

5 thoughts on “WHAT I AM THANKFUL FOR…

  1. Congratz on your book Jude!!! 🙂
    That’s so awesome!
    And I am thankful that we crossed paths on WordPress.
    Lots of love and all the luck in the world for your book! ♥


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