New Author

For the past three years I have been diligently scanning my brain for details of my son’s life. The results of all the “brain-drain”, looking through many boxes of papers, documents and pictures will come to fruition in May when my book will begin production with Tate Publishing Company.

I received an email the other day stating my manuscript was formatted correctly and accepted for production to begin in May. YEH!!! 🙂

Currently the book’s title is “Our Special Child-Jason’s Story”. I like the title but I am open for suggestions from the publishing team if they see a need to change it.

I never wrote a book before. I had no idea if I could write a book. I just sat myself down at my computer, opened up a word document and started typing. When I was half-way through I decided to sign up for a writing course online. The course helped me understand different styles of writing and how to write in order to grab the reader’s attention from the get go and continue to strive for their attention throughout the book.

I finished the story and then I went back and started to edit and change the format based on what I learned in the class.

I wanted my book to read like I am telling you his story from day one through to the end, like the reader is following my life story with me in the present tense of that time of his life. I believe I succeeded in my goal of portraying exactly what I dreamed. I am anxious to see what the editors think. Did I screw it up? I hope not?

I am a risk taker and always skip the easy way out going directly to the hardest. I usually succeed with bumps and bruises along the way, but I make it through. I hope it is the case this time; otherwise I will be dealing with many corrections in the next few months from my editors! 😦

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