Liebster Award – discover new blogs



I am definitely having a great week. I have been nominated for two awards. I am very honored to accept this award from my new friend Eric from I encourage those of you who do not follow his blog, you must go over and check it out. He has a great blog and worth reading for sure.

I see the rules for this award is to nominate 20 additional bloggers. I am so grateful and blessed to receive awards and truly accept them graciously. Please forgive me for not following all the rules attached to some of these awards.

If you follow my blog you should know I am really busy. I just finished writing a book and I am building an online art business with my Inspirational Mixed Media Paintings. There are just not enough hours in one day for everything I need to do.

Eric….thank you so much for finding my blog and nominating me; it is an honor to know you and follow your blog. HUGS to you!!!, friend. JUDE

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