Freedom Writer’s Diaries

Thank you “idealisticrebel” for your blog. Last evening I found the movie On Demand and watched it. It was everything you described it to be and more. I found myself glued to the TV astonished as to how she was so engrossed to make a difference in her student’s lives and how she found a way to reach them.

My husband started to watch it with me around the middle of the movie and we had an interesting discussion afterwards. I asked him his opinion related to her husband leaving her. There relationship is very similar to ours where I am growing as a woman, building an art business and writing a book. He responded saying he had insecurity issues.  He was jealous of her accomplishments.  She tried to include him several times and he chose not to.

We had a meaningful discussion. It shows we made some powerful strives in therapy. He is learning how to respect me and be proud of what I am accomplishing. He said he would not have left like her husband did. He recognized her husband had issues of insecurity.

Watching this movie together served as an important lesson and shows we are growing with our relationship.  Thank you again for your post and I am happy to repost it on my blog.  It is certainly a good movie to watch with many interesting and powerful lessons to learn.


First, I want to thank all my friends and readers for their kind comments and words of support.  As some of you may know, head injuries hurt a whoooole lot.  It touches me greatly that you thought enough of me to come by and leave a word.  It really cheered my heart and soul.

This will be a smaller blog than usual — the fall left not only my head but my whole body very sore and I cannot yet sit at my desk and type, so I am borrowing my sister and her fingers (she types faster than I do anyway)..

I’ve not been able to take pain medication for this, so last night when the pain was particularly bad, to distract myself, I decided to watch a movie on my iPad.  The movie I chose was called The Freedom Writer’s Diaries.

There is a book and there…

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