Oh yes….this video spells out very clearly how I feel at this very moment. After three long years, scanning my brain for details and dates related to my son’s bibliography, I JUST HIT THE SEND BUTTON. The entire manuscript is written, sent and waiting at Tate Publishers. My precious story about Jason, my own loving words about my dear son, will now be in a book for everyone to read.

Yes I am HAPPY!!!

I feel my soul has been cleansed. I allowed myself to feel emotion in this book, something I was not able to do for many years. It is full of emotion, both happy, sad, scared, anger, frustration silly and any other word you would like to add for me.  I would be amiss if I do not state here the book tells another story as well. Jason’s twin brother Michael.  He was a loving baby, quiet and reserved child and now is a wonderful man, husband and father.  I am very proud of all his accomplishments and his story is included in the book as well, growing up with a twin who had severe handicaps.

I imagine I will have to wait for the publisher to perform their job and probably it will be several months. I am okay with this and I am excited to go through the necessary steps to create this book.

All I can say you all will soon meet a very special child who had a gift. He portrayed a great big smile to anyone who approached him, even if he did not feel like smiling at the time. He loved attention and learned very quickly, if he smiles at someone, he will get the attention he longed for. I cannot wait for the world to meet him.

You know I will keep you all up to date with the details of finalizing the book and when it will be ready for purchase.

I hope all of you had a great weekend and please have a good week ahead. Today is Palm Sunday, tomorrow night begins the Passover Holiday and next Sunday is Easter Sunday. I wish you and your family a good holiday week!

Best wishes,

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