The Book Thief

I use to read a lot, often reading at least two books per month. Life changes and issues get in the way and my reading hobby changed a bit. My life and challenges I faced seem to have taken away my joy of getting lost in a book. I am working my way back slowly.

I heard so much about The Book Thief; I decided to read it. After reading several chapters I am not understanding the story line. Maybe I am having trouble with the author’s writing style I wondered. Maybe I am not able to concentrate like I use to.

In the past I read many different types of books and often would read about history, especially World War II. Reading about the Germans and the Holocaust fascinates me. I need and want to understand why it happened.

I decided maybe I should watch the movie. You would think I would want to finish the book first. However, my thoughts are ,i if I watch the movie, I just may understand the premise of the book.

I just finished the movie. It was wonderful. I now get it. Don’t worry I will not give anything away if you haven’t read or watched the movie.

I have a real desire to share two thoughts and I hope I do not give too much away.

1. It is my opinion the narrator is God. It became relevant after a few minutes into the movie and I was convinced at the end. This is what I didn’t get reading the book

2. This is just a general statement. For the first time I read and watched a story with a German’s point of view. I must say I learned an important lesson. All of the previous books about the Holocaust I read came from a Jewish point of view. I am Jewish so this should make sense. However, it never occurred to me to take the time to understand what normal, small villages faced while Hitler came to power. They were caught up in his philosophy but, most of them didn’t, based on this book, want anything to do with the politics of the time but were. However, they suffered as well. Just simple people trying to live a normal life.

Did you read or see the movie? Do you have an option? Please share with me.


3 thoughts on “The Book Thief

  1. I have seen the movie and I really enjoyed it! Can’t wait to read the book as well. I want to see if in the book we could read something between the linea whether she endend up with Max or with someone else.
    In the movie the narrator himself, has left us believe whatever we want… I think…


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