Life Book 2014 – Week Five SUGAR DIVA

Life Book 2014 Week Five
Life Book 2014
Week Five

HA, HA ,HA I can’t stop laughing at this goofy looking DIVA. In case if you are wondering, week five of this course is suppose to be a painting of a wacky DIVA. This is my interpretation. If you are comparing it to my previous attempt at drawing a face, this is somewhat better but not quite there :). At least I had freedom to go a little crazy with this DIVA. I believe I am good at creating mixed media backgrounds and using collage to design a picture to use with a quote but this face drawing is really difficult. I am determined to get it right, at least my interpretation of what I think is right. I am really trying hard not to be critical of myself. I really want to learn how to create a beautiful angelic-like face and I am determined to keep at it.

Lady Ga Ga’s song, Born this Way, is perfect for this creation of my Sugar DIVA. I absolutely love the words of this song. My interpretation is accept me for who I am, what I look like, the color of my skin, my abilities or disabilities and any other differences I may have. This is me and I think I am pretty damn good person even though I cannot yet draw a face 🙂

Take some time to listen to her message in this song. It is a very personal message written from deep down in her heart. She was a victim of bullying.

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