Life Book 2014 Week Four Submission

Week Four

Diana Kroll singing “Cry Me A River”. I think it relates to my vintage painting.

Good Day to all my WordPress friends. My site is growing. I have 54 followers. This makes me happy.:) This tells me you all like what I have to say and share. My original idea for this blog was to dedicate it to my Visual Journal Pages, at least it was my intentions. A few of my paintings came across really angry. Why…I was angry. However, I am in therapy and learning how to be happy, how to understand everything that happened in my life; get over it and continue on.

This year I decided I needed to keep busy. You see…something I learned about myself, I like living under some stress. Obviously not what I lived through for 42 years, even though I learned from it. The stress I am talking about is keeping up with several classes online and editing my book to finally send it off to my publisher and hopefully see it in print. OMG…I am going to see my words in print. How exciting is that?

One of three classes is a 12 week creative writing class and the current one is almost over. I am getting ready to start a new one this week. The problem with me taking this class after I wrote my book means I need to go over every sentence and correct it. You would think I should have taken the classes before I started writing. However, I don’t always use logic in my thinking.

Another class I shared in earlier posts, is a full year Life Book 2014 art class with Tamara Laporte, Willowing Arts Ltd. She is a fabulous teacher and she arranged for several well known mixed media artists to contribute to this class throughout the year. The above picture is from Week 4. I know, I am behind which is what I meant by creating stress for myself. However, I take a few big breaths and just continue on my merry way knowing I will accomplish all the weeks eventually. This is the advantage of taking courses online.

I hope you are all doing well and not dealing with piles over piles of snow and ice I am experiencing here in Pennsylvania. I can’t wait to see my actual driveway without snow or ice on it :).

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