Life Book 2014 – Willowing Arts Ltd

Willowing Arts Ltd. with Tamara Laporte
Willowing Arts Ltd.
with Tamara Laporte

Song Title: Say Something Song by: X Factor winners Alex and Sierra

Week One
Week One

I am so thrilled and excited to be part of this amazing class which will last this entire year. Not only do I have the opportunity to learn from a great mixed media artist like Tamara Laporte but throughout the year there will be several guest artists who all have great careers in mixed media and are very well known.

I am going to post all of my finished pictures here in my blog and use music to accompany them. You will have the opportunity to see me practice the skills I am being taught. I signed up for this class for many reasons, one of which is to learn how to draw a face. I always wanted to include faces in my paintings, specifically whimsical in style. Watch me learn and please be kind if some of the earlier faces do not come out as well. Watch me through the year as I perfect my skills, I hope 🙂

I welcome your comments, criticism or what ever you want to comment. I also welcome my fellow classmates here to see my work as well. Would you believe there are students from all over the world! Welcome new friends.

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