Forever hurt reflects my life and what I have been through for many years.. However I am working on healing , forgiving my husband and myself for letting him get away with it. This does not mean I will continue my life with him because even though he claims he is trying change his better behavior, I don’t believe he can. The poem is full of anger and I understand the anger but I believe one needs to leave it in the past and work on a more positive life without him. Thank you “hasty words” for sharing this poem and I felt the need to repost it because it reflects your deep feelings and I respect that. I wish you will one day find a way to let go and heal for your sake. I am!!!

One thought on “FOREVER HURT

  1. I could have written all the words. A divorce after 43 yrs.. to someone I trusted with my life. I believed every thing which came out of his mouth. Because I was Loyal, trustful, loving, faithful, I thought he was too. Wrong!. It has been 13 yrs. and I have finally learn to release him and her, a friend. I would not be the person I am today without this experience.


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