Commission for a painting

All of you have seen my previous messages and my inspirational mixed media paintings. I have a shop on Etsy and several of my paintings are listed there. They consist of mixed media backgrounds with collages and inspirational quotes. This is what I am all about. I do not claim to be a great artist or the next Rembrandt but what I do is connected to my heart and soul.

I started creating because I found it to be a healing process for me. I did not grow up thinking I was going to be a painter. I had no real ambitions other then to get married and have children. For most people this proves to be a perfect life but for me it wasn’t. The only perfections that came from my marriage are my two beautiful twin sons. I am very proud of my one son Michael who needed to compensate throughout his life and still is due to a minor brain damage at birth. However, Jason received the most challenges from the effects of being a preemie.

My brand of art is what you see here on my blog. I found a way to create a beautiful background with mixed media to use as a template with inspirational quotes, healing words, comforting collages and so on.

Yesterday I received an email from a customer who picked up on what my art is all about and commissioned me to create a painting with a specific quote for her to hang in her office. She is a directer of a disabilities awareness and support program. She figured out what I am about. This is my brand. This is what I am trying to market. It isn’t about my art; it is about what my art says. SHE GETS IT!!! I cannot be more excited.

I urge my friends to check out my site, check out my website and my Etsy site and see the examples of all my paintings. My prices are reasonable, example….11 x 14 stretch canvas: $45.00 plus shipping. I use stretch canvas and canvas boards in different sizes and the prices are based on the size of the substrate.

Please share with your family and friends about my brand, my art and the language of inspiration it provides for healing. I am willing to work with any one who has a personal picture or quote they want to use in a art (website) (Etsy site)

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