A Source of Anxiety: Triggers!

I developed symptoms of anxiety but did not know what it was. My husband started seeing a therapist complaining of depression. After a few months of private sessions I was asked to attend the sessions. When I felt like I was the cause of his depression I started getting shortness of breath and a feeling my head was going to explode. I told the therapist and she sent me to a psychiatrist who diagnosed it as anxiety disorder. This is when I literally woke up from a fog of denial . I realized I was hiding a big secret for 42 years. I was the victim of verbal and emotional abuse. I contacted the therapist and asked if I could be seen privately and she referred me to another therapist in her practice. All the years of abuse spilled out of my mouth during that session. I was finally free of a secret I myself didn’t know I had. I had a sense of rebirth and for the first time I was free as a bird. My anxiety is due to 42 years of abuse and I was suffering from post traumatic stress. Ironically it was my abusive husband who opened up the can of worms and he still is in denial. He can deny as much as he wants because I spread my wings and one day will be flying the coop.

Thank you “secret angel” for your blog and helping me to understand my dilemma . I only wish our blogs will reach other woman who are in denial like I was. God bless you!!!

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel


A source of anxiety…now that is a topic that many victims of abuse know much about. However, those who have never suffered this type of trauma may not be able to understand this anxiety.

A subject not understood by some…
but dreaded by others.
Things so insignificant to many…
but causing victims much troubles.

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