A tribute to friendship
A tribute to friendship
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Hello Old Friend – Eric Clapton

Did you ever have a friend who you knew a long time ago, or a high school chum you lost contact with? I did and often through the years I thought about her. I wondered how she was and if she was having a good life. I never thought I would ever see her again. My friend was a high school classmate and we really were close so many years ago. She was the type of friend when you first meet you know she is a keeper! Do you know what I mean? Did you ever have a special friend like this?

However, due to unfortunately circumstances we drifted apart. That is life….what can you do but just accept it and move on. I did just that. My life was so complicated after high school I didn’t even have the time to think about her anymore but she was still somewhere in the files of my head.

I attended my first high school reunion in October after 45 years. I decided to go because I reconnected with many of my classmates through Facebook I wanted to go and see them in person. I had a wonderful time and was really happy I decided to go. However, the highlight of my evening was when a woman walks up to me, I looked into her eyes and I immediately knew she was that friend I thought about all those years. We immediately hugged, cried and were both overjoyed to see each other again. She was looking for me….it didn’t even occur to me that she would be at the reunionn. Of course we sat together the rest of the night and danced to some of the music of the 60’s and had a wonderful time. We shared phone numbers and such and promised to keep in touch.

We communicated via email a few times and yesterday I contacted her and asked her if she was not busy tonight, please call so we can chat. She called and we chatted for two hours, reminiscing over the lost years, sharing family stories and just talking like young girls again. It was so much fun and after a while we promised to get together and plan a day out. I hung up and walked upstairs for the night feeling like “life is good again”.With all the years of caring for my special needs child and living with a husband who both verbally and emotionally abuses me, I am starting over again. After everything life threw at me I am finally coming to terms with it and I am looking forward to a future of a life with good friends who respect me as a person and do not place demands on me. That part of my life is now over and I will never let anyone control or disrespect me again.

2 thoughts on “FRIENDS

    1. You are stronger then you think. You solve every problem that comes to you and if you can’t fix it, you find someone who can. I am very proud of u too dear sister. We both are very strong woman who came from a strong mother!!!


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