Do You Believe in Fate?

After my sons Jason and Michael were born and learning that Jason will be living with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy for the rest of his life I started my long journey believing in myself, my spirituality and fate. God knew he needed to find someone to take care of his special child and he found me who needed something in my life to make me feel whole and alive. Along the way he presented me with many challenges but he knew I could learn to handle each challenge that slapped me hard and knocked me down only to pick myself back up with more vigor and strength.

With fate I found the doctors who would guide me in caring for Jason. I found the therapist, teachers and caregivers who took very good care of my son and loved him.

Fate helped me find the special friends who gave me the courage to continue my mission and the special friendships that will last for the rest of my life.

All through my life with my son it was always fate that guided me through the hurdles of caring for a special needs child. But most importantly, now that Jason is in heaven, fate is still guiding me to find people who I need to help me open my eyes to a secret I have been keeping deep down in my sole…..I am a victim of verbal and emotional abuse. I am letting fate guide me to a life of freedom and healing and with my belief in spirituality and fate, I know I will survive.

I have a special story to share for you to understand why I believe. Just yesterday after starting my daily routine it finally struck me that I needed to purchase an IPAD. I had been thinking about purchasing one for a long time but for some reason yesterday was the day I drove to the Apple Store to buy one. As I entered the store i was greeted by a person who placed my name on a list for the next available sales person to assist me. Just a few minutes later a woman approached me who appeared to be an employee of the store and asked me what can I do for you. I looked up and found a cheerful woman standing in front of me holding onto a harness of a seeing eye dog. She quickly guided the dog to lay down beside her and started showing me the IPAD i was looking at. She answered my questions very intelligently and and appeared to know a lot about the product. She clearly answered all my questions and she asked me to help her demonstrate the IPAD by telling me where I could find the tabs on the device to give me the options to help me choose which one I wanted.

I made the decision and told her what I wanted to purchase and she asked me to walk on her left side while she held onto my elbow and guided me to where I needed to walk in order to get the IPAD and accessories I wanted. While we were walking other staff were helping guide me toward the area of the store also. We arrived where i needed to be, she used her smart phone to scan the barcodes on the boxes and I guided her finger to the bar code, I read the information from her phone for her and keyed in the information needed in order to purchase the items I then gave her my card and she scanned that also and the transaction was then complete.

She called a tech person at this time to help me set up the IPAD. While we waited together for the tech to arrive I asked her if she believed in fate She was a believer because she herself experienced fate in her life to help her through her hurdles as well. I then explained why I asked her and I briefly told her my story. I then explained to her I believed fate guided me on this day to drive to the Apple store to buy my IPAD and to have the privilege to meet her. She also told me she has a son with cerebral palsy as well.

She did not admit to any negative encountered working at the Apple store and told me her fellow employees have her back. I know I had experiences in the past with Jason when people were very cruel staring at him or walking far enough away from his wheelchair so they would not have to get to close to him. I asked her if she had any negative encounters with customers. However, she was way too professional to tell me but I read her body language and understood.

Again I experienced fate in my life by meeting this very brave woman. She gave me her card and asked to keep in touch with her and I promised I would because fate brought two people together who understood about challenges in life and we may need to help each other one day…who knows…only fate can tell.

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