BOO……….Halloween treat from me to you


This is my beautiful grand-daughter Lindsey. She is almost 23 months and she speaks but her own language and looks at you like “don’t you know what I am saying?” Mommy Amanda is teaching her to say words and how very appropriate she learned how to say “Boo” a few days before Halloween. I am not sure she will be very scary on Thursday since she is going to be her favorite character on the Disney channel…Princess Sofia. We can sit all day watching Princess Sofia on TV…she is mesmerized.

I absolutely love to create Zentangle designs. When I am feeling anxious I will pull out my journal and create a design. With this one I created a mixed media background with black, orange and yellow and then made ghosting with stencils. (How appropriate???)

If you like my little sweet heart please make me happy by “liking” this blog post. I will also love it if you would consider following my blog, I promise to always have something different to please you. I am not all about anger and healing from life challenges.

I told you previously that this blog is for “healing”. Those of you who are going through some bad times, I sure hope this blog post makes you smile because I can’t help smiling every time I see it.If you have any questions about how I create Zentangles or any of my other designs, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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